Increased revenue. Loyal customers.

Thanks for coming to my page! I’m glad to have you here.

I write copy that’s designed to make your customer feel good. That gives the feeling you get when you’re really connecting and want to know more. Copy that makes buying your product or service an obvious choice.

Case study testimonial

My job is to make you stand out.

Your product and service is perfect for your ideal audience, but without good copy,  they may never know.

I’ll bring out the heart of what you do, and make you irresistible.


If you want to attract more clients, or to sell a high value item, a wonderful form of social proof to support your copy is a case study!


You let me interview your best client, making sure to treat them like the VIP they are! I create an engaging, story-led case study, full of quotes and insight which will make your prospect’s journey through the sales cycle an easy one.


Social proof is invaluable for building trust in your business and convincing potential clients to contact you. Hearing about what it’s like to hire you from someone else who’s already done it can’t be beaten.