Hi! I'm Amanda!

Me and my cat

I’m a copywriter based in rural Devon. I’m a big fan of having conversations with people and listening to what they’re interested in. This works nicely as a copywriter, because of course successful writing is all about connecting with the person who’s reading your copy. I also really appreciate the chance to learn about clients from all sectors and turn their vision for their copy into reality.

I believe that in the world we live in, it’s important to move away from fear-based copy to a more positive approach. When your marketing comes from a place of service, and a desire to help your customers, you’ll lift everyone. I love to write case studies, not just because they’re such an effective marketing tool, but because they’re a positive, enjoyable read. Who doesn’t want to read about someone’s lovely experience with a wedding planner? Or how someone’s pet dog has so much energy since changing their food.

On a personal level, I enjoy sparkly jewellery, cats and crocheting. My ideal vision for the future is a carbon neutral world built on circular economy ideas, centred around community and absolutely full of wildlife and beauty.

A hen peering into the camera lens