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Do you have an eco-friendly or green business? If so, how much do you talk about this side of what you do? Green has been tarred for a long time with negative associations, and you might worry that being eco-friendly will put off potential customers worried about product quality and cost.

It is a difficult dilemma but I believe that being eco-conscious is the way forward. Awareness of the growing climate crisis is becoming mainstream, and a 2020 survey by Getty Images showed that 84% of consumers say being environmentally friendly is important to them. Price and convenience still rank higher when it comes to an actual purchase but that is to my mind partly a marketing challenge. If businesses can make the long-term convenience of eco-friendly shopping resonate with their audience, then they change the thought process of their buyer. Stories influence people to feel, think and act in certain ways. You can help change the narrative.

Who is the target audience?

If you are running a business with eco-friendly values, it is likely that your target audience will be people who share those beliefs. Talk about what you do and what difference your green choices make. You may not convince everyone – but for those who share your values, your company will shine brightly.

Do I really offer something special?

Yes! We all tend to undervalue our own knowledge and skills. Put aside some time and really think about what you do and why. Focus on the benefits that your environmental stance will bring your consumer – the product itself or their reduced impact on our planet. For example if you use recycled materials the benefits could be that each item is unique and that your items reduce rather than increase the amount of waste in the world. Write it all out and then tell your audience – if you don’t have a blog, now is a great time to start one.

This is hard!

Writing about yourself and what you do can definitely be hard. It feels like boasting, the words aren’t working well together, and you don’t have time. If you’re stuck this can be where a copywriter comes in handy. I for one am certainly nosy and highly enthusiastic about new things, so love to really immerse myself in what you do and I ask a lot of questions. In the end you get copy that resonates with your audience, happily shows all of your good sides and makes your green business sparkle.