Welcome to my copy portfolio. Each piece contains a breakdown of the client, the challenge and my strategy when creating the copy. I hope you enjoy my portfolio, and look forward to hopefully working with you in the future!

Website copy

The Blue campaign homepage
Full website rewrite

The Client: Blue campaign is a UK based organisation which supports the rewilding of gardens and public spaces. It works primarily via its website and social media.

The Challenge: A website is the central online platform for any organisation. My challenge was to add enough scientific information to make the website credible whilst making Blue’s aims seem achievable and desirable to the average member of the public.

My Strategy: The creative brief highlighted a need for simplicity and accessibility. I created 3 sections on the front page, with simple descriptions highlighting the benefits to each group of getting involved. This made it possible to grab audience attention on the crucial front page of the site. I continued this strategy within each page, creating an introductory paragraph full of compelling benefits that would come from rewilding.

I included a strong call to action on each page, to either get the reader taking physical action or bringing them to the Blue social media community for support and encouragement.

The website is an ongoing project and as time goes I will be adding regular blog content in order to support Blue’s online visibility and relevance.

Facebook copy

Facebook 'About Us' section for a food delivery service
About Us section for business Facebook page

The Client: A Different Dish was a startup Exeter based food delivery business. The owner was struggling to find her business identity and finding it hard to break into the local food scene.

The Challenge: The client had no website so was using social media to establish their trustworthiness and build audience engagement. Their posts were not getting much interaction and they were finding it hard to break through to a wider audience.

My Strategy: I researched her existing social media presence to get a feel for her preferred brand voice, and to find any customer feedback that I could use to create a sense of trustworthiness (important when you want to buy food from someone). I put the biggest selling points (big portions, lots of flavour) ‘above the fold’, so the reader would engage and keep reading. The owner agreed to create a ‘sign up offer’ which I used to create a strong Call To Action.

Advertising copy

SPEC – Competition entry page

The Client: I wrote this spec piece as part of my copywriting training. The pretend client was Cheetos, a popular American snack company.

The Challenge: The campaign objective was to gather email addresses from the target audience of 18-22 year old college students. The tone needed to be cheeky and promotional, in line with the Cheetos brand voice.

My Strategy: I started with a headline which creates a strong mental image of the potential prize. This is followed by body text which takes the audience on an enjoyable journey in their imagination where they can mentally experience the benefits and desirability of winning. The humour inherent in the copy is also designed to support an overall feel-good experience that gets the reader ready to sign up!

The designer for this piece is Marni Keenan.

If you enjoyed my copy portfolio and think we could work well together then please get in touch! hello@daffodilcopy.com