Client: EP Connect, provider of the ‘ESCO In A Box’ solution.
Challenge: Carry out an interview and write up an easy to understand case study on a complex topic.
My Approach: We began with EP Connect completing a questionnaire which allowed them to share what they wanted to highlight in the case study. I then interviewed Polly Frost via Zoom, using a set of open questions designed to gather lots of good quotes and content. When writing up the interview, I spent a lot of time editing out much of the complex details, to make sure that the heart of the message came through.



The Blue campaign homepage

The Client: The Blue Campaign is a UK based organisation which promotes the rewilding of gardens and public spaces. It works primarily via its website and social media.

The Task: To create a website with simple Calls To Action. To translate scientific information into easy to understand copy.

My Approach: Blue covers three different rewilding sectors, so I created easy to read header copy for the front page which made it easy for the reader to find what they needed. Further into the site, I made sure that any scientific information was covered in a simple and accessible way. I included a strong call to action on each page.


A/B testing option 1
Spec email 2
A/B testing option 2

Speculative email written as part of my copywriter training

Client Brief: This email is targeted to parents of 0-2 year olds, who want to buy the highest quality products for their children. The main desired action is for the reader to visit the Johnson’s Baby website to learn about the product and download a 50% off coupon. 

Tone of voice required: Friendly, sincere, knowledgeable, helpful

My Approach: Before writing the email, I researched the target audience. This gave me an insight into the worries and interests of the target audience, so that I could write a tailored email that they would want to open. Instead of focusing on the features of the product, I focused on the benefits and outcomes (practical and emotional) that the parents would receive from using this conditioner.

There are 2 different email titles, to allow for A/B testing.


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