Case Studies

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The Client: mWater, providers of the software platform used by Haiti’s water and sanitation agency.

The Challenge: Translating a complex story into a case study that is easy to read and understand.

The Solution: Extensive research into the background to the story (Haiti’s national situation regarding water and sanitation, as well as NGO work in the water and sanitation sector) was needed. This allowed me to fully understand what I was writing about and bring out the story behind the case study. The title of the case study is focused on measurable markers of success (the 300% revenue boost) but the main text tells  the  human-focused story where finding a solution really mattered. This case study is 800 words, making it easy to read and digest. It’s also ideal for use as a handout.

Website copy

The Blue campaign homepage

The Client: Blue campaign is a UK based organisation which promotes the rewilding of gardens and public spaces. It works primarily via its website and social media.

The Challenge: The creative brief highlighted a need for simplicity and accessibility.

My Strategy: Blue focuses in 3 different areas so I created simple, easy to read header copy for the front page – making it easy for the reader to decide which section they needed to click to. Further into the site, I did more work on making sure that I wrote the scientific information covered in a simple and accessible way. I spent a good amount of time balancing the science content with the need to make Blue’s aims achievable and desirable to the public. I included a strong call to action on each page, to either get the reader taking physical action or bring them to the Blue Facebook page.

Blog posts

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Social media content

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